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Testimonials - Vitiligo


It was one day after a bath that I noticed a small white spot on my left armpit. I did not pay any attention and soon found another one in the other armpit. They both were steady yet surely growing in size. I was horrified to find a 3rd spot appearing on my forearm, the size of a 25 pc coin. I immediately consulted a dermatologist and was mentally shocked to know that it was Vitiligo. I started the dermatologist treatment and continued it for 2 years which proved very expensive, caused a lot of blisters and burning, and had no effect on the size or appearance of new spots which kept on increasing.

It was then that I searched for alternative treatments and consulted Dr. Anish Vaknalli who after thoroughly evaluating my mental and psychological makeup prescribed Homeopathic medicines.

Now except for two spots on my fingers I am cured. I am very sure I shall be completely cured of which. I have no words to express thanks to Dr. Anish for pulling and putting me back as a normal human being. Dr. Anish can read and understand your problem in depth and read between lines. I have had no side effects, no blisters and the treatment proven effective and economically. I wish him the best and pray that this treatment can benefit many more individuals such as me.

Regards, Mr. RVG Case Ref# 128
Mr. Gupta

My white spots (vitiligo or leucoderma) have stopped increasing since I started the treatment 2 months back. Some dots of normal color have appeared in the spots and I am hopeful that the condition will improve. Hope to see beneficial results soon. Thanks.

Mr. Gupta Case Ref# 1595
Mr. Praj

My white spots (vitiligo) have stopped increasing and have noticed that my health has improved in general.

Mr. Praj Case Ref# 1689
Namita Abichandani

My daughter was 16 months old when we got her white patches on both her eyelids diagnosed with Vitiligo. Dermatology treatments suggested by Doctors included photo radiations, + UVA (PUVA) treatments, and Spot Treatment and some more scary treatments which are not suitable for infants or toddlers. We considered Homeopathic treatment as it has No side effects. Within 2 months of taking Dr. Anish Vaknalli medication I have seen tremendous improvement in her patches. The medicine not only stopped those patched from increasing but reduced them. On the right Eye the patch is 90 % gone and on the left eye it is 50% gone. I am very positive and hopefull that those will go away pretty soon. As much as we are amazed with the results of the medicine we are very grateful that we found Dr Anish Vaknalli to treat our daughter, want to thank him for all his help and appreciate the immediate responses full of knowledge to all our questions.

Namita Abichandani - (Houston TX, USA)

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