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A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. ~ Dr. Anish Vaknalli

  • Sciatica
  • Sinusitis
  • Skin Allergies
  • Tinnitus & Meniere's Disease
  • Tonsillitis
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Ulcerative Colitis/Crohns
  • Urticaria/Hives
  • Vitiligo
  • Vocal Cord Nodule
  • Warts / Corns

"This past spring, I visited Dr. Anish Vaknalli's clinic for sciatic problem. After the consultation he prescribed a series of natural medicines that have helped me a great deal. He is knowledgeable in his field and makes one feel quite at ease as they are talking with him."

Maureen Bradford Library Head of The American School of Bombay 1998-2002

I visited Dr’s office for my problem of Sciatica a few months ago. I have tried pain killers and even Homeopathy from another doctor in the past. The treatments here have benefitted me considerably and no more experience the pains or heaviness as I did before. Appreciate the help given.

Mrs. Shah Case Ref # 2626

I am pleased to write this testimonial. I was a chronic suffer of lower back pain and pain moving down my right leg (sciatica) for the past 3 years. Sitting, walking, riding a bike etc were a nuisance and a constant weight under by buttocks was tormenting. Over the past 4-6 months I have noticed that the pain has completely disappeared and I am able to work normally. Dr. Anish has been patient and informative with his approach and thanks to their entire staff.

Mr. Tahir Case Ref # 344 - (Translated)

My sinus headaches and stuffiness has been relieved significantly since I started the treatment. I am able to breathe better and my sneezing and recurrent headaches have almost completely disappeared. Thankfully I am doing fine and pleased with the services rendered.

Mrs. Karya Case Ref # 1698

My son's recurrent colds and cough is better and no more do we need to start antibiotics. He was unwell every 15-20 days and each time needed strong medicines which only weakened him. Since we started treatment his general health and appetite has improved and he seems to be doing much better. Thanks.

Mr. Pareikh

I have seen a dramatic change in my son's health since this treatment. He was a child who 24/7 had a cold and cough barely breath at night. We tried conventional medicines which helped for some time only. Having heard highly of Dr. Vaknalli, we started their treatment. In a matter of 5 months he is free of any form of cold and occasionally may catch a viral cough, usually from his school. I do believe that homeopathy is the best choice for children as it is absolutely safe.

Patel's case Ref # 2577

My rashes have disappeared after 2 months of treatment. I have had Urticaria which only appeared in the night for the past 4 months. Thankfully I am OK now and wish Individuals take advantage of your treatment.

Mrs. Yedry Case Ref # 655

I suffer from constant sounds in my left ear with giddiness and had the fear of riding my bike due to this imbalance. I am much better now and rarely have episodes like before.

Shashank Case Ref # M775

My constant fear of vertigo has stopped and the sounds significantly gone. I may have a few sounds when I catch a cold. Overall I am 80% better.

Mr. Ashutosh Case Ref # HRD20129

I chose to start this treatment for my child ‘Radhika’s’ tonsilitis. My daughter was always down with a sore throat and was sensitive to cold and fried food stuff. Frequent doses of antibiotics were a routine. Since the treatment I am pleased to inform you that she is absolutely free of such episodes and has a better tolerance as well. I was told that homeopathy does wonders and I am glad to have found this solution. Thanks to Dr. Anish and his willingness to explain the matter in detail.

I am also under Dr’s treatment for hair fall. I am happy to see that the rate at which they were shedding has dramatically stopped. It started soon after my delivery and have found relief through this treatment.

Mother of Radhika Case Ref # 3595

I am under your treatment for my child’s recurrent tonsillitis and poor immunity. He has improved significantly since we started and thank you for the same.

Mother of Meer Case Ref # 5530

I was suffering from irritation in the throat (allergic pharyngitis) for over a year and could barely talk in a stretch. There was constant itching and tightness in the throat and would repeatedly come down with a cold and hoarse voice. I am feeling much better now and do not get affected by changes in weather and cold items. Recently there was a gap in my treatment and realized that the problem did not recur. I am happy to see these changes.

Mrs. Shah Case Ref # 5564

I have suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain for more than 7 years. I was asked to consult Dr. A. Vaknalli which I am glad I did. After app. 3.5 months of treatment my pains vanished and have since then been free of this dreadful problem. I was incapacitated and could not function normally before I came here. Thanks a million.

Mr. Menon – Saudi case Ref # 527

I was diagnosed with colitis 5 years ago and suffer from repeated diarrhea and blood in stools. I am happy that my drugs have reduced and not as sensitive as before. I am much better now.

Ansh case Ref # D223

My rashes have disappeared after 2 months of treatment. I have had Urticaria which only appeared in the night for the past 4 months. Thankfully I am OK now and wish Individuals take advantage of your treatment.

Mrs. Yedry Case Ref # 655

My family firmly believes in Homeopathy and Dr. Vaknalli’s treatment. My skin rashes (urticaria) have been cured by him and no more experience them. I now bring my daughter for her colds which are also better.

Mr. Rajan Case Ref # 6999

I have been relieved of my Urticaria and found the treatment useful. Thanks to their expertise.

Kelkars Case Ref # 1581
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It was one day after a bath that I noticed a small white spot on my left armpit. I did not pay any attention and soon found another one in the other armpit. They both were steady yet surely growing in size. I was horrified to find a 3rd spot appearing on my forearm, the size of a 25 pc coin. I immediately consulted a dermatologist and was mentally shocked to know that it was Vitiligo. I started the dermatologist treatment and continued it for 2 years which proved very expensive, caused a lot of blisters and burning, and had no effect on the size or appearance of new spots which kept on increasing.

It was then that I searched for alternative treatments and consulted Dr. Anish Vaknalli who after thoroughly evaluating my mental and psychological makeup prescribed Homeopathic medicines.

Now except for two spots on my fingers I am cured. I am very sure I shall be completely cured of which. I have no words to express thanks to Dr. Anish for pulling and putting me back as a normal human being. Dr. Anish can read and understand your problem in depth and read between lines. I have had no side effects, no blisters and the treatment proven effective and economically. I wish him the best and pray that this treatment can benefit many more individuals such as me.

Regards, Mr. RVG Case Ref # 128
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My job involves speaking a lot and hosting seminars. I have had recurrent vocal polyps for the past 3 years, once treated by my ENT. After undergoing this treatment my nodule completely disappeared and my voice is much more stable and does not get as hoarse as it did before. It has surely helped me.

Mr. B. Shah case Ref # B439

"I am shocked and astonished with the results of your treatment. My child's problem of 'warts' has completely disappeared. Your treatment was recommended by my skin specialist and I am thankful for curing my son in such a short span of time and that too without any side effects. He is completely free of warts from his face and hands and seems much more confident as a person. Thanks again for all your help and expertise."

Mrs. M. Jones Mumbai, India

Warts on my neck and face have completely disappeared. I am taking Dr’s treatment for the past 5 months and plan to continue the same for a few more months, as advised. Thanks.

Mr. Khan Case Ref # 6363

My warts on the neck have reduced by 80 % and I have been told that in the next couple of months they will totally clear. I am confident of the same and happy to see such results. I did undergo Lazer treatment for this, following which I had developed multiple warts.

Bafna’s Case Ref # 1594
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