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Testimonials - Nasal Allergy

Mrs. Chatterjee

Dr. A. Vaknalli has been wonderful with the way he has managed my problem. I have been suffering from ‘Nasal Polyps’ and ‘Seasonal Allergies’ for the past 15 years. The doctors had recommended surgery for the polpys. Fortunately I avoided the same. The treatment here has made my daily routine and seasonal changes much bearable. Occasionally I do have bouts of sneezing which come under control in a couple of days. Before this treatment my symptoms use to last for 3-4 weeks. Thanks again for all the help.

Mrs. Chatterjee Case Ref# 1354
Mrs. Shanbhag

Before coming here I have tried countless doctors and medicines and in the end was asked to get operated for the nasal polyp. This treatment has so far offered much more relief and I am now able to sleep better as well as rarely experience sneezing and allergies. I plan to continue the medicines for many more months as it is benefitting.

Mrs. Shanbhag
Mrs. Ajmera

I am relieved by the treatment prescribed by Dr. Anish Vaknalli and glad to have started the same. There is a significant change in the episodes of morning sneezing and allergies and able to function normally. Thanks.

Mrs. Ajmera Case Ref # 1515

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