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Testimonials - ECZEMA

Mr. Kadav

The treatment for my condition has been very satisfactory. The symptoms of my scalp itching and oozing associated with Eczema has complete stopped in a period of 4 months. This is my 6 month of treatment and thankfully the symptoms which I suffered from for over 5 years has been under control. Before this, I was using local creams and steroids given by my general physician and do not need them anymore. Thanks

Mr. Kadav Case Ref # M1531
Mr. Raphael

Thank you Dr. for clearing my eczema. I am now living in Dubai and wish to inform you that the condition has been good and has not recurred since the past 6 months. I will update you soon and thank you for all the help.

Mr. Raphael – Dubai Case Ref # 3490
Mr. Lionel

Hello. I am pleased with the changes seen during the course of the treatment. My eczema is better and I feel my condition is recovering well. The itching and oozing has improved and thank you for all your help.

Mr. Lionel - Singapore Case Ref # 472
Mr. N.K Vora

I had major eczema whereby my both feet were severely affected. There was severe discharge and was unable to walk. After Dr. Anish’s medicines the eczema started reducing slowly and now it has reached a stage where it not less than a miracle. If a layman sees the photos it will seem like a magic.

Mr. N.K Vora Case ref# 189A

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