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A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. ~ Dr. Anish Vaknalli

  • Emotions & Stress
  • Fibroadenoma
  • Fibroids
  • Fissure In Ano
  • Hair Fall
  • Hemorrhoids (Piles)
  • Herpes Zoster (Shingles)
  • Infertility
  • Insomnia/Sleep Disorder
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The treatment for my condition has been very satisfactory. The symptoms of my scalp itching and oozing associated with Eczema has complete stopped in a period of 4 months. This is my 6 month of treatment and thankfully the symptoms which I suffered from for over 5 years has been under control. Before this, I was using local creams and steroids given by my general physician and do not need them anymore. Thanks

Mr. Kadav Case Ref # M1531

Thank you Dr. for clearing my eczema. I am now living in Dubai and wish to inform you that the condition has been good and has not recurred since the past 6 months. I will update you soon and thank you for all the help.

Mr. Raphael – Dubai Case Ref # 3490

Hello. I am pleased with the changes seen during the course of the treatment. My eczema is better and I feel my condition is recovering well. The itching and oozing has improved and thank you for all your help.

Mr. Lionel - Singapore Case Ref # 472
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My child or 10 years had been under Dr. A. Vaknalli’s treatment a few months ago. Though very artistic and brilliant, she was constantly fearful and worried (phobias) when left alone. We found it very difficult to leave her in our absence. Dr’s counseling and his homeopathic medicines has helped her tremendously and she is now much more confident and bold as well. People around us have observed the same too and I do attribute it to the treatment. Thanks.

Jain’s Case Ref # 3582

I have taken treatment from Dr. Anish for a 2 cm breast tumor which got completely cured. Glad I avoided surgery and haven’t got any new ones since then. Thanks,

Sajjia Case Ref # B569

I have undergone treatment at HomeoConsult R&D for tumors in both breasts which got cured completely. I strongly recommend their treatment and doctor’s honest and sincere advice.

Ms. Veronica - (Name changed), Case Ref # HRD3516

I had an intramural fibroid which luckily got detected early. Since Dr. Anish is my family physician I immediately started his treatment. Precisely in 4 months, the fibroid has disappeared. Thank you indeed

Mrs. Paul Case Ref # B737

I have had huge fibroids for a very long time and cannot get operated due to adhesions. My main problem was pain and discomfort and urinary frequency. Dr. explained to me that the fibroid will only reduce marginally and symptoms will reduce. I am much better now and the problem is bearable.

Mrs. Cuthino Case Ref # D3249

My problem of fissures is old and have suffered from pain, bleeding and loose stools for over 3 years. Tried everything under the roof but the problem reappeared monthly. Dr. Anish is treating me for 5 months now and my problem has stopped completely. Will continue the treatment as it has helped tremendously.

Ms. Meghna - Delhi Case Ref # 80711

Since treatment my hair fall has significantly reduced. Thanks.

Mrs. Dhanshri Case Ref# 0641

Hi. I am pleased to inform you that my hair fall has stopped and I am feeling well overall. I am currently travelling and will update you soon. Thanks.

Mrs. Bernard – Canada Case Ref # 4484

Since I started your treatment I have noticed that my premature loss of hair and bald patch has stopped increasing. Very fine new hair has also appeared in the bald spot. Thanks.

Mr. Vijay Case Ref # 6156
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Since this treatment my bleeding and pain (hemorrhoid) has stopped. I am feeling better in general and haven’t seen any such problem over the past 3-4 months. I have been asked to continue the treatment for a few months following which I can be assured of a complete recovery.

Prabhu’s Case Ref # 0534 - (Translated)

‘My bleeding due to internal piles has stopped. I have suffered from this for over 4 years. Now, even if i am not careful with what I eat, the problem does not recur as before.'

Mr. Rao

Dr. Anish treated me for blister like eruptions which looked like herpes a while ago, while travelling in India. Within a week my agonizing itching and burning sensation disappeared and his professional and courteous approach made wonders.

David (UK) Case ref # 6628

We have had problems with conception and had given hope for the past 8 years. Surprisingly we did conceive after 6 months of treatment with Dr. Anish Vaknalli who treated me as well as my husband. We were surely blessed.

Sincerely, Mrs. AM - USA Case ref # M336

My problem of irregular menses due to cysts has stopped. I am now hoping to conceive and will be continuing homeopathy as well as my regular medicines with the hope that I will soon conceive soon.

Mrs. Krishna Case ref # M2303

I have had sleep problems since a very long time and was compelled to take sleeping pills. Dr. Vaknalli’s medicines have helped me considerably and I am now resting better than ever before. It seems that he prescribed medicines based on my anxious, nervous and worried nature and it seems to have calmed me in general.

Mrs. Rajput

I have known Dr. Anish Vaknalli since 2002. I initially consulted him for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I had intermittent constipation followed by running stomach. I had consulted several gastroenterologists by that time; they all advised adding more fiber in the diet. But the changed dietary plan and health exercises didn’t have any impact whatsoever on my ailment. Constipation was so acute that bowel movement was excruciatingly painful. I took medication for IBS for two years. Since then I have not experienced this problem. It's easily manageable now.

I also had receding gums problem since 2000, for which I underwent surgery in 2003. But I didn’t think of taking homeopathic medicine for it until this year, when my dentist told that deep cleaning is the only solution for the recurring gum infection. I didn’t want to follow that treatment, because it would result in further receding line of gums, so I called Dr. Vaknalli. I started the treatment in March 2007, but didn’t see much improvement until the beginning of June. Every time I brushed my teeth I was afraid of bleeding gums. I am very pleased to say that since the beginning of June there is remarkable improvement and I do not have bleeding gums problem any more. I would highly recommend Dr. Vaknalli for both chronic and acute illness.

Mrs. Vandana R. USA

I am happy to inform you that my problem is well under control and no more experience the IBS. Occasionally I may have a bit of rumbling which corrects in a few doses of the medicine. Thanks and will update you on the same soon.

Mrs. Walgh Case Ref # 317

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