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Our Approach

Homeopathic treatment is strictly customized. A person's family history, personal health history, body type, status of all physical, emotional and mental symptoms help in identifying the remedy capable of bringing about recovery or cure.. We categorize our methods of treatment into two broad classes:

  • Prescribing on the basis of Mental and Physical Totality of the patient or Individualization.

    In cases where a clear understanding of the mental framework or personality characteristics of the patient can be ascertained, a remedy is prescribed on the totality of both the characteristic mentals (personality traits) and the physical signs and symptoms. This is known as the constitutional approach and is highly beneficial when we clearly understand the patient’s persona, in psychosomatic cases (cases where a mental ailment such as long-lasting grief, anxiety, stress etc. are followed by some kind of physical derangement), as well as purely mental or emotional complaints such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, insomnia, over excitability etc.

    However, not all patients express their feelings sincerely, which gives the physician a reason to prescribe solely on the basis of the most characteristic symptoms, may it be mental or physical. By doing so, the chances of prescribing the wrong remedy can be avoided.

  • Prescribing Homeopathic Specific Remedies indicated for specific ailments

    Cases cured over the years have shown that prescriptions based solely on the physical signs & symptoms benefits majority of the patient suffering from specific condition like: pain, neuralgias, spasms, swellings etc as well as conditions were irreversible structural changes have taken place.

    Examples of some of the conditions treated successfully are – colic, trauma, conjunctivitis, fungal infections, edema, leucorrhoea etc. These remedies have long been used to cure certain disorders successfully, verified at our own centres and those of physicians worldwide. Kindly refer to ‘Homeo ER’.