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Homeo ER - First Aid Remedies

  • Disclaimer

    The acute remedies listed below are free of any known side effects, and recommended on the basis of our experience and those of physicians worldwide. The information is purely educational and in no way do we intend to substitute your physician’s prescription. You are also requested to read the disclaimers for site usage & online treatment.

  • Availability

    At all leading Homeopathic pharmacies worldwide

  • Remedy

    30c or 200c – 4 pills repeated every 2-3 hours

  • Duration of treatment

    Till symptoms subside, not exceeding 48 hours from the onset of you’re complaints.

Acute Condition Common Remedies
Acidity or Heartburn Robinia, Sulphuric Acid
Bad effects of excessive
Nux Vomica
Aphonia Argentum Met, Spongia Tosta
Backache Hypericum, Kali Carb, Rhus Tox
Burns / Scalds Calendula Off, Cantharis (available for external application)
Colic - General Magnesium Phos, Chamomila
Colic - Renal Belladonna, Sarsaparilla
Conjunctivitis Aconite Nap, Pulsatilla Nig, Belladonna
Cough Aralia R., Bryonia A., Drosera R., Rumex C., Spongia Tosta
Minor cuts, wounds & bruises Calendula, Boric Acid, available for external application
Diarrhoea Podophyllum, Aloe Soc, Chamomila, Magnesium Phos, Croton Tig
Earache Belladonna, Verbascum (Mullein Oil), Capsicum
Fever Aconite Nap, Eupatorium Per, Chininum Sulph, Pyrogen
Headache - General Natrum Mur, Belladonna, Glonoinum, Menyanthes
Hiccoughs Ginseng, Nux Vomica
Joint pains Colchicum, Cimicifuga, Natrum Sulph, Rhus Tox
Muscular trauma / Sprains / Strains Arnica Montana, Bellis Per, Rhus Tox, Ruta Grav
Rhinitis Allium Cepa, Arsenic Alb, Arsenic Iod, Arum Triph, Sabadilla
Sore throat Apis Mell, Belladonna, Phosphorus, Mercurious Sol
Toothache Belladonna, Chamomila, Plantago Maj
Urethritis Cantharis, Sarsaparilla, Sulphur
Urticaria or General Itch Urtica Urens, Astacus Fluv, Bombyx, Rhus Tox