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Comprehensive Plan

(Includes Consultation, Medicines, Courier & Support for the course of treatment)
    • Region 1

    • USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand

      • 3 Months 260
      • 6 Months 410
      • 1 Year 750
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    • Region 2

    • Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, Rest Of North America

      • 3 Months 230
      • 6 Months 350
      • 1 year 600
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    • Region 3

    • India

      • 3 Months 6900
      • 6 Months 12500
      • 1 Year 19500
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Comprehensive Plan : Flow Chart

Comprehensive Plan : Flow Chart

Recommended for:

  • Conditions that are long-standing or chronic in nature, and/or,
  • Individuals preferring unlimited consults and personalized attention


  • Initial case analysis by our Board of Physicians
  • Unlimited follow-ups during the course of treatment
  • Cost of consultation, medicines to be couriered, and courier costs

Comprehensive Plan FAQs:

What am I exactly paying for?

The fees mentioned above include the following:

  • On-line consultation and Case analysis by the board of physicians. This helps in determining the appropriate remedy and line of treatment
  • Cost of Homeopathic Medicines to be couriered. We do include at no extra cost a few extra Homeopathic medicines which may be required during your course of your treatment.
  • Cost of couriering the medicine to the desired address

Is there a limitation to the number of times I can communicate with the physicians?

Absolutely not! You may communicate as often as you wish. Generally, we recommend patients to give feedback on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. However you may clarify your doubts at any stage during the course of treatment. There are no hidden or extra fees applicable when you communicate with the physicians.

Why do fees vary from region to region?

The fees have three components

  • Consultation fees,
  • Cost of medicine, and
  • Courier costs.

The cost of consultation and medicine are the same for all regions. However, courier-cost and the U.S dollar-to-INR rate vary, justifying the difference in cost.

At what intervals will I receive the medicines?

Patients can now opt for either a 3 months or 6 months treatment plan. The 3 months plan will include a single dispatch of medicines initially. The 6 months plan will include dispatch of medicines twice, once initially and the other after 2.5 months.

Are medicines prescribed for longer durations, and if not, why?

We do not recommend a remedy to be taken for longer than 3 months as your symptoms may change and your case may have to be reanalyzed; thereby preventing wastage of time and money.

Refund Policy