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Homeopathy Treatment for Urticaria & Skin Allergies

Curing and preventing Hives with Homeopathy…

Homeopathy & Hives (Based on internal clinical cases)

Urticaria (hives) is characterized by swollen, red patches on the skin usually as a result of the body's reaction to certain allergens. It may not be possible to always detect a specific allergen and often a person is allergic to multiple allergens.

Based on cases of Urticaria treated at our centres we can conclude that:

  • Hives can be completed cured with homeopathic medicines
  • Considerable reduction in the frequency and intensity of hives as well as complete tolerance to the allergen can be achieved in chronic or severe cases.
  • Your need for steroids or immuno-suppressants can be minimized
  • Homeopathic treatment has no side effects & safe for all age groups
  • Homeopathy should be opted for ASAP in order to gain most from it

(Note: Extent and nature of benefits of treatment varies among individuals and has been gathered from patients themselves & past clinical records)



Hives cause itching, burning or stinging sensation and may appear anywhere on the body (skin surface). They appear in the form of swollen, red patches on the skin and vary in size. They may appear for a few hours or may last for several days before disappearing.

Angioedema is a severe form of Urticaria and occurs beneath the skin instead of the surface as seen in Urticaria. It results in deep swelling of parts such as the eyes, lips, hands, feet and genitalia. Angioedema affecting the tongue, throat and lungs may be life threatening due to obstruction of the airways.


  • Any allergen (food stuff, chemicals, drugs etc) induces release of histamine from the cells lining the blood vessels. In response to this blood plasma leaks out from the small blood vessels into the skin causing the red patches.

Common allergens are:

  • Foods: Preservatives and chemical in food. Nuts, chocolate, fish, tomatoes, eggs, milk etc.
  • Medicines: NSAIDS, Aspirin, ACE inhibitors, pain killers etc.
  • Infections & Latex

Homeopathic treatment

Outline of our treatment

Our ongoing research and clinical studies emphasize on treating urticaria as a systemic disorder and not a local skin disease. It is evident that numerous factors such as genetics, systemic, emotional, physical and environmental factors trigger urticaria by destabilization of the immune system.

A remedy in Homeopathy selected after carefully reviewing all such factors is known as a 'constitutional remedy' and is capable of helping the individual systemically. We often resort to prescribing remedies which have an influence on and:

  • Correct Immune dysfunction
  • Increase resistance to the allergen
  • Corrects Emotional imbalance
  • Revives broken down immunity
  • Relieve itching & wheals
  • Relieve associated allergen responsible conditions e.g. Allergic Asthma

Treatment Expectation

What can I expect after starting HRD’s Homeopathic treatment?
Below is our general observation and may differ among treated cases due to differences in the intensity, duration and characteristics of each case treated.

  • Initially, the intensity and frequency of hives or relapses will reduce
  • Cases dependant on medication may be asked to stop taking them or wean the dosage ASAP.
  • Once homeopathic action sets in considerable relief can be obtained.
  • Occasional relapses of lesser intensity may be experienced during the course of the treatment.

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