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Homeopathy Treatment for Lichen Planus

Safer alternative for Lichen Planus sufferers without Steroids

Lichen Planus lesions develop due to a faulty immune response in which inflammatory cells seem to mistake normal skin cells and attack them. This immune reaction is probably triggered by a viral infection (Hepatitis C) and common allergens such as drugs and dyes. Emotional stress tends to aggravate the lesions as it influences the immune response.

BEWARE: STEROIDS are commonly prescribed in the form of local creams or pastes and internally in stubborn cases. Steroids suppress the immune response and offer immediate relief. However, they do not offer long term relief or a cure and are associated with numerous side effects. Lichen Planus lesions may reappear as the effects are temporary.

Hope for Lichen Planus sufferers: Many consider Lichen Planus as a challenging and an incurable condition. Instead or improving the defective immune response (autoimmune) conventional medicines (steroids) suppress it. Long term relief is seldom experienced as the lesions will tend to reappear on stopping the medication.

Homeopathy can help resolve the immune reaction & prevent reoccurrences

Our specialized Homeopathic treatment, since 1980’s, has helped thousands of sufferers worldwide. The medicines prescribed can minimize the immune reaction responsible for the lesions as well as improve your body’s ability to fight viruses and allergens. Your body will be less prone to recurrent flare-ups and offer sustainable relief.

Benefits of HomeoConsult R&D treatment:

  • Harmonizes your immune response and help prevent lesions
  • Boosts normal immune response and fight viruses and allergens
  • Non-steroidal, homeopathic therapy which has no side effects
  • 100% safe for children and adults without any adverse systemic effects
  • Only internal homeopathic medicines prescribed
  • Over 25 years of clinical experience


Case studies & Treatment outcome:

There are numerous remedies in homeopathy which help Lichen Planus. Since this condition is related to an altered immune system, it is empirical that we study and take into consideration the individual’s immune status, body’s response to viral infections, family history and age before prescribing the remedy.

After considering these factors the indicated Homeopathic remedy is prescribed for a period of 3-6 months. During this period changes in your immune response and reduction in spread of the lesion can be achieved. The appearance of new lesion can be completely stopped; however disappearance of hyper-pigmented areas (black spots) may take longer. We do prescribe a homeopathic cream which reduces these spots overtime. On completion of the treatment you will have minimized the chance of a reoccurrence, evident from the cases treated at the centres.

Signs & Symptoms

Common forms of LP are:

Skin Lichen Planus

Recurrent, itchy, inflammatory lesion on the skin or in the mouth Initial lesions may last for months, may resolve, and then recur for years

Location of lesion:

  • Generalized, symmetric appearance
  • Inner areas of writs, torso, legs and genitals
  • Lesions have distinct, sharp borders and usually have a shine or scaly appearance
  • Fine white lines called Wickham’s Striae may cover the papule
  • Color: Reddish purple (skin lesions)


  • May be close together or wide spread
  • Appear in a straight line (Linear LP)
  • In a circular form (Annular LP)

Oral lichen Planus

  • Over 50 % of individuals suffering from lichen Planus may have Oral LP
  • Oral cavity may be the only affected area
  • Color: whitish-gray
  • Mouth Dryness with metallic taste
  • Occasionally painful and tender
  • Lesions may have a lacy appearance
  • Lesions may conglomerate forming ulcers
  • Peeling and redness of gums and tongue may occur

Vulval lichen planus

As in the mouth, Lichen Planus may cause painless white streaks. Burning discomfort of the vulva, ulcers, redness and tenderness, painful intercourse, and bleeding on are the presenting symptoms.

Penile lichen planus

Reddish-Purple papules are the most common form of lichen planus. Coomnly appear around the glans (the tip of the penis). Itching, burning and ulcers may be the presenting symptom.

Lichen planopilaris

Affects the hair follicles in the form of tiny red papules around a cluster of hairs. Permanently bald patches and scarring may occur.

Lichen planus pigmentosa

Appearance of oval greyish or brownish marks may appear on the face, neck, trunk or limbs without any inflammatory phase.

Lichenoid drug eruption

Appearance of Lichen Planus-like rash caused by medications. Asymptomatic or itchy pink-purple, flat, scaly patches on the trunk, oral mucosa and other sites may occur.

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Lichen Relief Pills

Lichen Relief Pills

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