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Homeopathy Treatment For Ganglion (Cyst)

What is a Ganglia?

Ganglia are thin walled cysts filled with clear fluid arising from joints or tendon sheaths. They grow on the top of the wrist (dorsal ganglions), underside of the wrist, at the end joint of a finger and occasionally affect the feet.

Homeopathic (non-surgical) treatment of ganglion

Homeopathy does help in curing ganglions. It does so by reducing the size as well as by systemic re-absorption of the fluid from the ganglion. The results are long-lasting and usually permanent. Do however note that the outcome is better when treatment is started as early as possible and continued for a few months meant for the medicines to act.

The medicines prescribed are purely internal homeopathic medicines capable of softening the ganglion and then reabsorb the fluid from within. No external applications or corrective measure recommended.

Benefits of Homeopathic treatment

  • Non-surgical, scarless means of resolving ganglia. The Homeopathic treatment consists of internal medicines that help in resolving the condition from within.
  • Results are long-lasting and usually permanent, as compared to the surgical option of ‘aspiration’. Certain cases which do not resolve may be recommended aspiration. However we do continue the medicines during this period in order to minimize the chances or a reoccurrence.
  • Treatment has no side-effects and is recommended for all age groups.


Cause and Risk factors

  • There is no definite known cause that triggers the formation of the ganglion.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Large ganglia are usually visible and unattractive. Small ganglia that stay below the skin surface are usually painful. The pain may be localized in the wrist (dorsal ganglia) or may radiate to the arm & fingers.

Surgery & ganglia

Aspiration or draining the fluid with a needle is the commonest form of treatment. This however leaves the outer shell of the ganglion intact thereby leaving a chance for the ganglion to reappear.

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