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Homeopathy Treatment For Fibroadenoma

What are Fibroadenomas or Breast tumors (Non-Malignant)?


Fibroadenoma of the breast are firm, smooth, rubbery, easy to move under the skin, noncancerous, harmless and painless lumps (tumors) that often occur in premenopausal women. They are usually small (less than 1 cm) and can get bigger in breast-feeding mothers and during pregnancy. On examination, they typically are painless, have a marble-like feel, firm, mobile and solitary. However, multiple and bilateral fibroadenoma are quite common too.


Fibroadenomas can be diagnosed through clinical examination, mammography or sonomammography. A needle biopsy may be done to diagnose and rule out any malignancy.

Dr. Anish Vaknalli’s opinion

Women with fibroadenoma are routinely treated with homeopathic medicines at our centres. The outcome of the treatment is encouraging with most cases of small to medium sized fibroadenomas resolving and shrinking to a non-palpable size. Women with a tendency to recurrent fibroadenomas are treated with the intention of reducing this inherent disposition, which can be achieved in nearly all patients.

The homeopathic medicines used at our centres have anti-tumor properties which soften and shrink the tumors. A constitutional approach in which a remedy based on the persons constitution, physical framework, medical history etc is also used to help in the prevention of recurring fibroadenomas.

The smaller the tumor faster is the result achieved with our treatment. It is therefore advisable that if you are considering homeopathy for such tumors start your homeopathic treatment as soon as possible.

Safety & Efficacy: Homeopathic remedies in general have no known side effects whatsoever. They are recommended for all age groups and can be taken for long durations without the fear of any harmful side effects. You can be 100% sure of their safety and efficacy.

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How can I opt for this treatment?

Dr. Anish Vaknalli practices at 3 clinical centres in Mumbai (India) and if in Mumbai you can personally visit him. For outstation or overseas patients we offer our services online.

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Fibroadenoma Cure Pills

Fibroadenoma Cure Pills

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