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Homeopathic Treatment For Depression

Emotions & Stress with Homeopathy


Stress is an integral part of our lives. As responsibilities and burdens increase, our levels of mental and physical stress amplify. This in turn affects our physiological and mental well being and marks the onset of most physical ailments.

We at HRD classify stress into two types. One which is in limits and helps us perform better, the other which is persistent and breaks us down. The bad stress usually results into other psychological manifestations such as anger, anxiety, depression, restlessness etc.

No wonder physicians and Alternative medicine practitioners the world over stress on de-stressing yourself in order to avoid physical as well as emotional ailments.

Homeopathy plays an important role in neutralizing such imbalances and helps most cases of emotional affections. It helps by either:

  • Harmonizing emotional vulnerability by influencing chemical and hormonal imbalances
  • Or, creating awareness in a person by which a person recognizes the problem he/she suffers from; thereby helping him/her to cope with the ailment.

The mechanism by which Homeopathy works is postulated and numerous theories have been proposed; however the beneficial effects experienced by individuals worldwide and those encountered in our routine practice more than justifies using them for coping with emotions and stress.

If you do suffer from such ailments it is wiser that you start Homeopathy immediately. Unlike sedatives and antipsychotics, homeopathic medicines do not mask the symptoms the person has. On the other hand you tend to realize your potential and cope better with the ailment.

The medicines can help entrust a sense of wellbeing and help you cope with your stressful affairs.

PATIENT’S Testimonials

My child or 10 years had been under Dr. A. Vaknalli’s treatment a few months ago. Though very artistic and brilliant, she was constantly fearful and worried (phobias) when left alone. We found it very difficult to leave her in our absence. Dr’s counseling and his homeopathic medicines has helped her tremendously and she is now much more confident and bold as well. People around us have observed the same too and I do attribute it to the treatment. Thanks.


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Emotion, Stress & Anxiety Relief Pills

Emotion, Stress & Anxiety Relief Pills

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