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Homeopathy Treatment For Chalazion & Stys

Why Homeopathy

  • Homeopathy can completely cure chalazae & stys
  • Individuals susceptible to repeated chalazae or stys are most benefited
  • You can be cured in a relatively short period of time without surgery

Surgery for Chalazae: Is it justified?

  • Over 90% of cases treated benefited from the treatment at HRD
  • Surgery could be completely avoided through the treatment prescribed
  • Complete cure after 3-6 months was possible in most cases
  • Tendency to frequent relapses could be minimized by over 90%

(Note: Benefits of treatment mentioned above has been gathered from patients themselves & past clinical records)


Surgery: Cases which fail to yield curative results after a period of 6 months (less than 5% of cases) may be recommended surgery. Those operated and suffering from frequent stys & chalazae continue the homeopathic treatment with the intention of preventing new stys and chalazae.

What are Stys & Chalazae?

A sty (hordeolum) is an abscess of the oil gland near the base of an eyelash hair follicle. The abscess is usually caused by the bacteria ‘Staphylococcus Aureus’. As a sty develops the margins of the affected eyelid becomes red, tender and swollen. Stys usually develops an opening through which the pus drains out.

A Chalazion is caused by inflammation of the same oil gland and may sometimes appear at the site of a sty. The Chalazion however does not contain an active infection and overtime may become firm or hard. You may get more than one sty or chalazion at a time or several in succession.


A sty begins as a small, red bump (nodule) at the base of the eyelash. It progresses into a localized red, swollen and painful bump and may sometimes involve inflammation of the entire eyelid. A small, yellowish spot slowly appears in the center of a sty from which pus eventually drains out. Common symptoms are eyelid tenderness, sensitivity to light and increased tear production.

A chalazion initially appears red and swollen similar to a sty. Eventually it changes to a painless, round mass which grows gradually.

Likely Duration

Typically, a sty goes away in a week or two. Chalazions take longer, and may persist for months without any visible change. Conditions such as repeated blephartitis (inflammation of the eyelids) and improper hygiene lead to repeated stys or chalazion.

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