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Homeopathy Treatment For Asthma

Asthma (Az-muh) affects all age groups and walks of life. Some races may be predisposed as compared to others; however asthmatic patients happen to exist globally with an alarming increase each year.

With an increase in pollution levels and exposure to artificial foods & chemicals our body’s immune response ought to breakdown at some point. This allergic response manifests in the form of respiratory ailments or skin allergies. Very often this immune malfunction may cause certain skin conditions (atopic dermatitis) which alternate with asthma symptoms

Most asthmatics opt for the conventional line of treatment which includes bronchodilators and steroids. They work wonderfully in acute conditions and when immediate relief is expected. Though helpful, individuals overtime realize that they work only at the level of relieving symptoms and preventing them temporarily. They do not help the body improve its response to allergens (irritants) or simply fail to improve the faulty immune mechanism.

Understanding the true means of achieving long-term asthma-relief

Asthma cannot be cured nor can long-term relief achieved by medicines which only help in relieving bronchospasms (constriction of air passages or bronchioles), temporarily. Treatments capable of curing and offering long-term relief (such as Homeopathy) address the underlining causes of this ailment which are: poor resistance to allergens, lowered immunity, genetic predisposition, recurrent infections & colds etc.

Homeopathic medicines help by improving our body’s natural (immune) responses guiding the body back to a healthy state, naturally.

Percentage of patients benefitted after the mentioned duration of treatment

Percentage of patients

Benefit or scope of improvement

Patients treated will usually experience a reduction in the intensity and frequency of the symptoms as well as tolerance to factors such as pollen, dust etc which trigger asthma attack. (Note: Extent and nature of benefits of treatment varies among individuals and has been gathered from patients themselves & past clinical records)

What is Asthma? 

Asthma occurs when the small bronchial air passages in the lungs become inflamed, partially obstructed with phlegm, or tightened due to spasm of the muscle surrounding them. The clinical Hallmark is wheezing and difficulty in breathing..

Asthma & Children

Babies in their first year of life are prone to the characteristic wheezing sound due to their small air passages. As they grow older the air passages enlarge and the wheezing stops. However 50% of new cases of asthma occur in children below 10 years of age. It is therefore advisable not to overlook your child’s condition, as it could lead to a build-up of a chronic, severe illness.

Asthma & Eczema

Asthma in certain individuals may be associated or may alternate with inflammation of the skin e.g. eczema or atopic dermatitis.

If your child or someone you know suffers from behavioral disorders, Autism or ADHD, homeopathic treatment for a period of 6-12 months should definitely be considered. The medicines have no side effects or adverse reactions and can be taken indefinitely and as the condition demands.

Symptoms / Signs

  • Characteristic wheezing sound in relation to breathing in and out
  • Cough and difficulty in breathing
  • Tachycardia or fast pulse
  • Nocturnal attacks

In Children

  • Nocturnal cough may be the only symptom
  • Indrawn lower vertebra on inspiration may be prominent

Causes of Asthma

Predisposing Factors

Genetic predisposition: A positive family history of asthma and allergies may predispose you to asthma.

Probable Cause

  • Allergens: Animal dander, Dust mites, Cockroaches, Pollen from trees and grass, Mold (indoor and outdoor).
  • Irritants: Smoke, pollution, changes in weather and strong odors.
  • Respiratory infection, especially viral.
  • Anxiety or stress may precipitate an attack.
  • In Children: Nocturnal attacks are often associated with house dust mites and pets in the child’s bedroom.
  • Other: Medicines such as aspirin and beta-blockers, sulfites in food or beverages (wine).
  • Reflux disease: Reflux of acid which causes heartburn and can aggravate asthma symptoms.

Conventional Treatment

Commonly recommended treatments help only in palliating the asthma attacks and help as long as you take them. Your body does not strengthen its responses to allergens thereby making you dependant on those medicines for a lifetime. They are:

Quick Relief or Beta 2 Antagonist:

They help in opening up the airways and recommended in acute attacks when immediate relief is expected. E.g. Albuterol

Long-Acting Beta 2 Antagonist:

These drugs take longer to relieve an attack. Their benefits may last up to 12 hours and are usually recommended to be taken once or twice daily to prevent further attacks.

Common side effects of beta 2-agonists are: Nervousness, hyperactivity and tachycardia (increased heart rate)

Anticholinergic Drugs:

A bronchodilator used to control asthma and not for quick-relief. It is available as an inhaler and a nebulizer. Throat dryness is the most common side effect.


A bronchodilator used to control asthma and prevent asthma attacks. Usually used for severe asthma and should be taken daily. Common side effects are: Nervousness, nausea, vomiting

Homeopathic Approach

  • Asthma, a condition often labeled as incurable and chronic can be cured if treated with Homeopathic medicines. Cases of recent origin and those affecting children have shown encouraging curative results and chronic, advanced cases experience noticeable reduction in the intensity and reoccurrence of the attacks.
  • If you are heavily dependant on bronchodilators or inhalers Homeopathic treatment will help you fight the precipitating factors (allergen), thereby making you less dependant on those medications.
  • Conditions such as poor resistance to climatic changes, recurrent colds / sinusitis and atopic dermatitis (skin affection) can be effectively cured during the course of the treatment.

How do we achieve this?

A holistic or a constitutional approach in which a remedy capable of influencing the following factors is prescribed:

  • Person’s family history (genetic predisposition)
  • Personal health history (sensitivity to allergens)
  • Body type (obesity and immune status)
  • Present status of all physical symptoms (intensity & frequency of the asthma attacks)
  • Any emotional aggravating factor

This individualistic approach helps in overall improvement of the condition and relieves any other condition associated with asthma.

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